Who can honestly go all day long without feeling like they need a snack? The problem with snacks is that many of them are not that healthy, and so they quickly pack on the calories – and let’s be honest: most healthy snacks just don’t taste that good. Not only does frequent snacking put you at risk of gaining weight, but it can also quickly become expensive. 

Of all the snacks out there, chips are among South Africa’s favourites. They’re full of flavour, and they’re conveniently packaged and easy to eat wherever you are or whatever it is you’re doing. The problem is that most brands of chips don’t care how unhealthy they are.

Trigz crunchy popped chips are the solution to this quandary.

Trigz derives its name from trigonometry, which is the branch of mathematics that deals with triangles – with tri meaning three and gōnia meaning angles in Greek. This is fitting because Trigz chips are triangular in shape – much like nachos.  

But that’s not all that the name signifies. Trigz also exemplifies what we like to call the Smart Snack Trifecta – three things that make Trigz the best snack on the market.

1. They’re Healthy

Trigz is made from popped corn. It is never fried and therefore has no calorie-heavy trans fats. Moreover, they are naturally gluten-free. When all is said and done, a 28 g bag of Trigz only amounts to about 110 calories – which is far less than other chips on the market. What’s more, they’re completely vegan friendly.

2. They’re Delicious

Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland. Far from it. Trigz is packed with a variety of delicious flavours for you to choose from. These scrumptious flavours include hot Jalapeño, mouth-watering White Cheddar, simple but classy Sea Salt, sweet and spicy Sweet Chilli, American-style Kettle Crunch, and tangy Chutney. 

3. They’re Affordable 

Trigz is competitively priced and is available in 28 g or 85 g bags from a wide array of retailers. You can even buy them online. Unlike other chip brands, these proudly South African snacks will not break the bank if you choose to munch a bag every day.

Trigz crunchy popped corn chips meets the criteria of the Smart Snack Trifecta, making it one of the best snacks on the market. Contact us now to find out where you can get your fix and start snacking the smart way today!