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5 May 2023 - The Trigz Team
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During the manufacturing of our Popped Corn Chips last week our quality and food safety department detected a concern with one of our raw materials. Due to this concern, Trigz management made the decision to recall all stock that was produced using the affected batch of raw materials. Please note that this recall is mostly precautionary as an issue was only detected in one of the bags of raw material, but we care about keeping our consumers safe and therefore have decided that all affected batches need to be removed from the supply chain. Please see the table below which lists all the batches which were affected.

Stock which is being recalled:

DescriptionBatch No.BB Date
Jalapeno 28g & 85g2311525/02/2024
Chutney 28g & 85g2311525/02/2024
Chutney 28g & 85g2311626/02/2024
Kettle Crunch 28g & 85g2311626/02/2024
Kettle Crunch 28g & 85g2311727/02/2024
Sea Salt 28g & 85g2311828/02/2024

We recommend that if consumers have purchased some Popped Corn Chips which fall under the above batches, they must not consume the chips and must discard of the packet. Consumers can lodge a formal complaint to [email protected] by including proof of the purchase (incl. where the packet was bought), pictures of the bag, batch number and BB date.

For any additional information, questions, or concerns please contact Trigz using the below details.

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone: 011 029 0600

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Trigz Team